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Vertical Tail Plane and Rudder for MSN001 completed at Stade - Germany

The Vertical Tail Plane-VTP has been assembled at Stade during last months with parts manufactured at Aciturri, Spanish Tier1 with design and built responsibility. Aciturri, with more than 1,100 employees at 7 facilities at Spain has a team with engineering, industrialization and manufacturing roles, working since more than 4 years in the project with a very close concurrence with Airbus team from Getafe, Hamburg and Stade in this project. Aciturri has capability to manufacture both metallic and composites parts with background in other Airbus programs.

The movable part of the VTP, the Rudder, has been developed by Airbus (product engineering at Hamburg) and primary parts have been manufactured and assembled by Aernnova, Spanish Tier1 in charge of the industrialization of this workpackage. The Rudder is delivered to Stade for installation in the VTP just before the final inspection and delivery to the FAL, where the VTP is final-painted with the Airlines colors at the FAL, jointly with the fuselage.


During the  'VTP&Rudder MSN01 Going to FAL Celebration' in late August, Didier Evrard and Günter Butscheck recognized the good job done by the “extended team” from Aciturri, Airbus and Aernnova, with a high level concurrence. Spain has a leader position in composite manufacturing.



The VTP for the Static Specimen, already installed in the FAL, was the first big component arriving the FAL, and as it was specifically designed for the static tests campaign; It has two different parts, one painted in red that is a dummy and the lower part is the series-composite configuration with strain gages.


Based on the article “Aciturri entrega el primer estabilizador vertical que fabrica para el nuevo A350” published in El Norte de


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